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TimeFAQ Feb 20, 2024
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Table of Contents
  1. Design and Build Quality
  2. Features and Functionality
  3. Performance and Accuracy
  4. Comfort and Wearability
  5. Value for Money
  6. Images of Pagol Pagomatic 1000 Swiss Made Watch
  7. Conclusion

Watches can remarkably transcend time, spanning generational divides and storing priceless memories. The Pagol Pagomatic 1000 was given to me by my late grandfather, which gives it special value in my circumstances.

This antique Swiss watch is a physical representation of my family's history, a window into another time, and a testament to the continuing quality of Swiss watchmaking.

As I reflect on this watch, I feel drawn to investigate its intricate details, discover its special qualities, and consider where it fits into the always-changing field of horology.

In this post, I'll discuss the Pagol Pagomatic 1000, a timepiece that also tells a narrative that draws on the wearer's memories and the classic artistry of watchmaking.

Design and Build Quality

The Pagol Pagomatic 1000 boasts an eye-catching, distinctive design. While not the largest watch available, its stainless steel case measures 38mm (including the crown), which strikes a mix between retro appeal and contemporary wearability.

The case spans 42mm from lug to lug and has a thin 9mm thickness. It fits a range of wrist sizes because it doesn't feel heavy when worn for an extended period.

The Pagol Pagomatic glows on the watch dial. It has a distinctive color scheme that catches the eye right away. The color scheme combines cold and warm tones to produce a pleasing visual effect.

The day-date complication, which provides both the date and the day of the week at a glance, is a useful addition. The watch's personality is enhanced by the pagomatic letters, which are subtly positioned on the dial. A discreet homage to the watch's Swiss background, the palm tree at 6 o'clock conjures up visions of sunny, exotic settings.

Even if it is a little rusty, the back cover is a tribute to the watch's age and past. It serves as a reminder that, like my grandfather who originally wore it, this watch has had its fair share of life's adventures.

The fact that I couldn't open the watch with my go-to jaxa wrench adds to its allure. The watch's mechanism is hidden behind the rear cover, but I have plans to reveal it soon with the aid of a qualified individual.

Features and Functionality

Model No.

Pagol Pagomatic 1000

Case Material

Stainless Steel

Glass Material


Case Diameter

38 (mm) including crown

Case Thickness

9 (mm)

Lug to lug width

42 (mm)

Movement Type




Manual Winding


Band Material (Original Band)


Band Width

18 (mm)

Mineral glass, renowned for its durability and scratch resistance, is the type of glass employed. Although sapphire crystal is considered the ideal watch glass, mineral glass provides adequate defense for daily wear. It ensures the dial stays clear and readable, so you can admire the distinctive design without being concerned about small scratches.

Although not the original, the band is 18mm wide and constructed of leather. The watch's adaptability is demonstrated by how simple it is to switch out the strap to suit your preferences. The soft texture of the leather strap I've chosen makes it a cozy option for prolonged wear. The dial and its distinctive components may take center stage thanks to its simplicity, which blends with the vintage look of the watch.

The watch's water resistance is a fascinating feature. Even though the precise depth it can resist is still unknown, the writing on the rear says it is waterproof. Given that it's antique, I'm afraid to push it to its limitations. It's a piece of history, and I'd rather protect it than expose it to pointless dangers.

Performance and Accuracy

On the plus side, it keeps time admirably accurate. I can rely on it for appointments and daily tasks because it monitors time accurately. Even though the watch's obstinate back cover prevents us from seeing the movement's exact components, its precision is a testimonial to the caliber of its mechanism.

There is, however, a clear drawback. The watch's power reserve needs to meet expectations of how long it can run without being worn. It usually exhausts itself after only a half-day of not being worn. This can be annoying because if I last wore the watch a while ago, I frequently have to reset the time and date.

There could be several causes for this problem. A malfunctioning mainspring, a crucial element of a mechanical watch's power delivery mechanism, may be to blame. Alternately, other internal components could be aging, impairing the watch's capacity to store a charge.

I've decided to have the watch serviced by a qualified watchmaker to alleviate this worry and guarantee the watch's longevity. It's crucial to preserving the watch's historical value and performance. A qualified watchmaker can identify problems, replace damaged parts, and oil the mechanism to keep it operating properly.

Comfort and Wearability

I have yet to have the opportunity to wear the original strap, so I can't comment on its comfort or wearability. However, the present strap, which I bought from a neighborhood watch shop without regard to brand, has shown to be cozy over time.

Its soft, velvety texture prevents itching and unwanted sensations on the skin. The 18mm width of the timepiece allows for comfortable wristwear while maintaining steadiness.

Value for Money

Depending on their condition and rarity, vintage Pagol Pagomatic 1000 watches are known to sell for between $200 and $500 on the market. It is a watch worth considering because of its unique design, Swiss craftsmanship, and sentimental value to collectors.

The watch's intriguing appeal and limited availability make it a standout choice for vintage watch enthusiasts. If you discover one in a vintage watch store or online, add it to your collection.

In addition to being rare, Pagol watches also have an illustrious past and classic styles.

Images of Pagol Pagomatic 1000 Swiss Made Watch

Pagol Pagomatic 1000 Image 1Pagol Pagomatic 1000 Image 2

Pagol Pagomatic 1000 Image 3Pagol Pagomatic 1000 Image 4, Back Cover

Pagol Pagomatic 1000 Image 5, Back Cover


The Pagol Pagomatic 1000 is more than simply a watch; it is a time capsule representing Swiss watchmaking excellence. Its odd design is a conversation starter and intriguing subject because I cannot open the rear.

Although the power reserve issue may require some maintenance, it's still a worthwhile addition to any watch enthusiast's collection. I strongly advise everyone to own at least one Pagol watch because they are no longer produced and holds a special place in the world of vintage timepieces.

Due to their stunning designs, they are undoubtedly a sight to see, a living piece of history, and a timeless reminder of the ongoing creativity of Swiss watchmaking.

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Table of Contents
  1. Design and Build Quality
  2. Features and Functionality
  3. Performance and Accuracy
  4. Comfort and Wearability
  5. Value for Money
  6. Images of Pagol Pagomatic 1000 Swiss Made Watch
  7. Conclusion