The Luminox Atacama Field Automatic XL.1907.NF

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  1. History and Background:
  2. Design and Aesthetics:
  3. Watch Specifications:
  4. Movement and Technical Features:
  5. Widely Appropriate Audience:
  6. Value for Money:
  7. Collectibility:
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Have you ever questioned whether it's possible to find a watch that can actually keep up with your spirit of adventure? Introducing the Luminox Atacama Field Automatic XL.1907.NF, a watch that doubles as a reliable travel companion for your outdoor adventures.

We'll take you on a journey to learn why this watch is something to think about in this post. The XL.1907.NF has something special to offer, regardless of whether you're an experienced explorer, a watch enthusiast, or just someone who values dependability.

Let's examine its attributes and layout to see if it's ideal for your activities.

History and Background:

Since its inception in 1989, Luminox has had a fascinating history steeped in the best Swiss watchmaking. Barry Cohen, the company's founder, was inspired by the idea of producing watches that would provide unparalleled sight in low light.

This idea inspired the creation of Luminox's distinctive illumination technology, which has since come to represent the company. Luminox watches have been well-known throughout time for their remarkable luminescence and tough durability, making them the go-to option for professionals in the armed forces and police enforcement.

The Atacama Field Automatic line is evidence of Luminox's dedication to producing watches that can resist the demands of outdoor activities. The XL.1907.NF is a shining illustration of this idea since it marries the brand's history with contemporary innovation.

Luminox Atacama Field Automatic XL.1907.NF

Design and Aesthetics:

The Atacama Field Automatic XL.1907.NF from Luminox has a strong, imposing presence. Its 45mm diameter stainless steel case provides a significant yet comfortable wrist presence.

The watch's design is distinguished by its simplicity and usefulness. For outdoor lovers and those who require accuracy in their timekeeping, the dial's large numbers and hands make it simple to read at a glance.

The XL.1907.NF differs from other watches in subtle ways that become apparent upon closer inspection. The date window at three o'clock serves a useful purpose, and Luminox's patented illumination technology guarantees great legibility in dim or dark environments.

Watch Specifications:

Model No.


Case Material

Stainless Steel

Glass Material

Sapphire Crystal

Case Diameter

44 (mm)

Case Thickness

14 (mm)

Lug to Lug Length

24 (mm)

Movement Type



Swiss Made Caliber ETA 2824-2

Manual Winding


Band Material

Genuine Leather

Band Width

24 (mm)

Water Resistance

200 meters

A sapphire crystal, renowned for its remarkable scratch resistance, is included with the XL.1907.NF. With the help of this technology, you can be confident that your watch will look brand new even after a challenging outdoor excursion. This timepiece is suitable for water-related sports like swimming and snorkeling because of its impressive 200 meters (660 feet) of water resistance, thus enhancing its adaptability.

Movement and Technical Features:

Here are some of the outstanding qualities that Luminox provides:

Automatic Movement Made in Switzerland: The Swiss-made automatic movement used in the XL.1907.NF is the ETA 2824-2, which is renowned for its accuracy and dependability in the horological community.

Precision and Reliability: The ETA 2824-2 movement is renowned for its extraordinary precision, which guarantees that the watch keeps exact time. You may rely on it in a variety of circumstances thanks to its reputation for dependability.

Swiss accuracy: This movement represents Swiss accuracy, representing the tradition of Swiss watchmaking perfection in every tick and tock. It is not simply about telling time.

Eliminates Manual Winding: The XL.1907.NF does not require manual winding because of its automated movement. It is the perfect option for daily wear because it powers itself through the movement of your wrist.

Widely Appropriate Audience:

The XL.1907.NF's movement type and model appeal to a wide audience. It appeals to both watch connoisseurs who value Swiss watchmaking's quality and outdoor enthusiasts who need a wristwatch that can keep up with their active lifestyle. It is a watch for all events and experiences because of its broad range of audience.

Value for Money:

Several important considerations must be taken into account when evaluating the Luminox Atacama's value for money:

The Swiss-made movement, which ensures long-term dependability and precision, comes first. This is a precision device made to withstand the test of time, not simply a watch.

The sapphire crystal, which is renowned for its toughness and resistance to scratches, makes sure that your XL.1907.NF keeps its immaculate appearance even after being subjected to the most trying circumstances.

Furthermore, this watch stands out because of Luminox's acclaimed illumination technology, which guarantees great low-light visibility.

Your XL.1907.NF will always tell you the time, even if you're traveling a moonlit route or a poorly lit lodge. Additionally, the XL.1907.NF provides an amazing bundle at a competitive price point in terms of both functionality and looks. You're investing in a dependable friend who will be with you on your travels for years to come, not just a watch.


The Luminox Atacama has a distinct fascination for watch collectors. In the field of horology, Luminox has found a niche thanks to the combination of its longevity and brightness. This specific model, which is a part of the Atacama Field Automatic line, has drawn attention for its tough good looks and usefulness.

Its astounding brilliance is one of its distinctive qualities that raises its collectibility. A key feature for both practical use and the discriminating eye of a collector is that the watch maintains its high level of visibility in low-light and gloomy environments thanks to Luminox's unique technology.

The XL.1907.NF is a declaration of preparation for adventure rather than just a timepiece. It is a special piece of Luminox's past and a monument to the company's dedication to producing timepieces that can resist the rigors of the great outdoors for collectors.

Summing Up:

The Luminox Atacama is a timepiece that perfectly captures the company's history and dedication to quality. It delivers a fascinating fusion of fashion and utility thanks to its Swiss-made automatic movement, strong materials, and outstanding luminosity.

The XL.1907.NF is a watch that deserves your attention whether you're an outdoor enthusiast looking for a trustworthy travel companion, a watch collector who loves fine craftsmanship, or just someone who values accurate timekeeping. It stands out as a notable addition to Luminox's superb watch lineup due to its value for money and collector status.

The versatility of this watch makes it suitable for a variety of wearers. You'll enjoy this one if you truly adore timepieces and value their craftsmanship. However, it's a wonderful option even if all you need is a watch that can handle an active lifestyle.

It's worth considering this watch while you consider purchasing a daily accessory. It is a watch that is built to last and travel wherever your journey takes you.

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Table of Contents
  1. History and Background:
  2. Design and Aesthetics:
  3. Watch Specifications:
  4. Movement and Technical Features:
  5. Widely Appropriate Audience:
  6. Value for Money:
  7. Collectibility:
  8. Summing Up: