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TimeFAQ Feb 18, 2024
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Hamilton has recognized the connection between storytelling and watchmaking since its first appearance in the classic movie “Shanghai Express,” and it remains at the heart of the big screen today. With their pervasive presence on TV and the silver screen, Hamilton’s wristwatches have helped capture the imaginations of movie-goers.

Surprisingly, Hamilton’s timepieces have been a part of more than 500 movies. From the modern blockbuster Interstellar to the classic thriller Odyssey, the brand has established its legacy behind and on the camera.

Here are some of the films Hamilton has co-starred in during the last few years:

Hamilton Ventura Skeleton Auto Limited Edition - Spider-Man: Homecoming

Hamilton Ventura Skeleton Auto Limited Edition

The Hamilton Ventura is the best wristwatch for any Marvel fan. This iconic piece was featured by none other than Iron Man himself in Spider-Man: Homecoming. So, if you wish to compete with Robert Downey Junior or Tony Stark, then Ventura must be at the top of your wish list. As the name suggests, the brand released only 999 pieces of this limited model.

In terms of durability and functionality, the watch delivers exceptional performance. The triangular-shaped case of the piece is made of high-quality PVD-coated stainless steel. Also, this exclusive model comes with a skeleton dial and a web-like pattern as a nod to the film in which it was featured. Above all, Hamilton’s Ventura features an exhibition case back with an 80-hour power reverse.

Hamilton Tenet Watch BeLOWZERO Limited Edition - Tenet

Hamilton Tenet Watch BeLOWZERO Limited Edition

The Tenet watch is another iconic watch featured in movies. This limited edition of the Khaki Navy BeLOWZERO was introduced to celebrate the brand’s successful partnership with Christopher Nolan’s recent Sci-Fi Action Tenet. Hamilton designed a truly futuristic timepiece in collaboration with the Tenet’s design team. 

This particular movie watch edition is available in two variations, one with a blue-tipped seconds hand and the other with red-tipped seconds hand. The choice of watch colors is a reference to the movie’s aesthetic. Also, each color variation has only 888 pieces as a nod to the movie’s name.

In terms of durability and performance, the Tenet watch is exceptional. The large case of the piece is made of high-quality PVD-coated titanium to ensure resistance and comfort.

Hamilton Khaki Field Murph Automatic - Interstellar

Hamilton Khaki Field Murph Automatic

The Hamilton’s Khaki Murph Automatic watch was featured in Christopher Nolan’s hit Sci-Fi Movie Interstellar. In the movie, Hamilton’s watch is used to create an emotional, sentimental connection between the lead characters. Plus, this essential plot device allowed the characters to communicate in Morse Code.

The classic look and top-notch functionalities of the Khaki Field Murph make it a must-have piece for Christopher Nolan’s fans. The round case of the timepiece is made of stainless steel to ensure comfort and durability.

Final Words

In conclusion, Hamilton has recognized the importance of the silver screen and tried its best to do its part behind and on the camera. The brand’s passion for innovation and commitment to delivering the highest-quality products make it a reliable choice for filmmakers to produce unique and dependable timepieces.

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